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Forgeries in Finnish

Forgeries in Finnish are not featured in the Michel Catalogue and the Kirchner's Book.
In this section are 3 forgeries:
- 1 forgery from the Düsel’s Collection
- 1 forgery from the "Russian black propaganda" Collection
- 1 forgery from the private collection (Finland)

Hauskaa joulua! (trans.: Merry Christmas!)

Pictured: a copy from the Düsel’s Collection (lot 17692 at Gartner’s auction, 21.6.2017).

Another copy of this forgery: page. 67 of the "Russian black propaganda" collection.

Translation from Finnish:

Kenttäpostia = Field post

Hauskaa joulua! = Merry Christmas!

Onnellista uutta vuotta! = Happy New Year!

(front, below) On Christmas Day in 1942 all families will receive a ham if...

(back, below) ...the pig’s neck is broken.

On the picture is the head of Carl Gusrtaf Mannerheim.

Venäjän keisarin Nikolai verisen palkkarenki...

Not present in the Düsel’s Collection.

Pictured: a copy from page 65 of "Russian black propaganda" Collection.

Sotilaat!  Mannerheimin pyövelit tekevät pilkkaa perheistänne!

Pictured: a copy from the private collection (Finland).